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New White Paper Highlights the Significance of Signal Boosters in a Heterogeneous Network (Het-net)
- iGR research considers boosters sound Het-net solution for enhanced cellular coverage
- SureCall announces Signal Catcher antenna with Force5 booster for a limited time

FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SPECIAL TO CTIA - SureCall, the premium cellular signal booster manufacturer today announced the publishing of a new white paper highlighting the need for signal boosters in a heterogeneous network (Het-net). The study, titled, "Signal Boosters in the Het-Net: Economically Extending Coverage," calls out consumer dissatisfaction with the current state of mobile connectivity, especially within enclosed places. To download the white paper, click here.


The study cited a recent iGR survey of more than a thousand U.S. mobile users, where consumers rated voice and data coverage as the main drivers of overall satisfaction, second to price. With the satisfaction in cell phone coverage still not at maximum capacity, the need for signal extenders is still apparent. Most network operators use cells of varying sizes and types, known as a heterogeneous network, or "Het-net."

While many options are available within the Het-net, including DAS antennas, microcells, and femtocells, the study called out that the signal booster was the most beneficial in increasing cell phone coverage. Signal boosters are not managed by a mobile network, so are therefore carrier agnostic, enabling them to be used by customers with any or multiple providers simultaneously. A variety of signal boosters on the market, including SureCall, cater to various levels of needs, from household to industrial, indoor to outdoor. Most notably, signal boosters are also an approved option by the FCC to improve cellular signal coverage.

"Signal boosters are great at improving coverage in specific locations, including in homes, small offices, commercial buildings and parking garages," said Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR. "One of the main advantages of signal boosters compared to other small cells is the relatively low cost of deployment."

To further enhance the capabilities of its signal boosters, SureCall today announced the Signal Catcher antenna, a new companion to its Force5 signal booster. As part of a CTIA promotion, the Signal Catcher antenna will be available for free with the Force5 signal booster for a limited time. The Signal Catcher eliminates the need for an outdoor mount antenna, is easy to install, and a more economical option overall than a DAS.

"As we continue retrofitting old buildings and expanding with new ones, the materials used in these construction projects is sturdy, yet inhibiting to cell phone coverage," said Hongtao Zhan, CEO of SureCall. "Many signal booster options exist on the market that address one concern, yet do not meet the need of another issue. Our signal boosters provide the greatest flexibility for a variety of customers that move us towards living virtually cord-free."

Like all SureCall boosters, the Force5, as well as the Signal Catcher antenna are covered by an industry-best three-year warranty. The Signal Catcher is available with the Force5 booster for a limited time while supplies last.

To learn more about how SureCall's boosters are the best solution to extend network coverage, and for more information on the Signal Catcher in person, visit SureCall at CTIA at booth 4149.

About SureCall

Founded in 2001, SureCall is the multi-patented industry leader in cell phone signal boosters, combining high quality technology with innovative designs to create award-winning boosters that dramatically improve cell phone reception for homes, cars and businesses. SureCall's signal boosters are trusted in a variety of industries, both commercial and institutional. Its customers include Marriott, Chrysler, Hewlett-Packard and ExxonMobil. Major institutions such as NASA, Stanford, Duke and Wake Forest Universities trust SureCall to make their signals go the distance. SureCall's line of FCC-approved boosters for personal, commercial and industrial use, have received multiple awards, including most recently the 2015 CE Pro BEST Award and 2015 EXC!TE Award by Technology Integrator.

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