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INVITE: Why you Need to Cut Your Spending for a More Efficient Network

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For a More Efficient Network, You May Need to Cut Your Spending
Join 3M’s Joe Chapin in the TESSCO booth #1532 to Find Out Why


When:    Sept. 9     2p.m.
  Sept. 10    1p.m.
Where:   TESSCO booth #1532  
Topic:    Imagine more network performance from fewer parts using less energy in a smaller space. It's called Passive Optical LAN. It uses less energy and consumes far less space and raw materials compared to copper cabling. It's also better for your bottom line. Because the total solution consumes less energy (compared to traditional copper Ethernet solutions), that translates to lower deployment and operating expenses.  

Depending on network design, a Passive Optical LAN can offer up to 70 percent reduction of equipment and infrastructure, up to 80 percent less power costs because there is no active component required on every floor in the telecom room, and up to 90 percent less space and material requirements.  Security is also improved with a Passive Optical LAN because fiber does not emit electronic magnetic signals that can be intercepted by hackers. The fiber also supports security mechanisms such as AES (advanced encryption standard) 128-bit encryption.


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