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CCI launches new website enhancing access to product information
The new website has been designed to provide a truly user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing customers to access detailed product information with the option to share information across major social networking sites.

South Hackensack, NJ, (September 2015) - CCI’s new website includes extensive information to help customers understand CCI's complete range of base station enhancement solutions, test equipment and cell site services. The site provides complete access to detailed specifications, datasheets, installation guides, firmware updates and more across CCI’s wide range of solutions, including 3G and LTE co-location, multi-sector and multi-port base station antenna systems, Passive Intermodulation (PIM) analyzers as well as our Distributed Antenna System (DAS) products and services.

Based on valuable feedback gained from our customers, the new site was created with the user experience firmly in mind. Designed using the latest technology, the site is compatible with today’s browsers on Microsoft®, Apple® and Linux® based platforms as well as mobile devices.

Visitors to the website can now personalize their experience when they register for the new “My CCI” feature.  “My CCI” provides tools that allow a customer to identify “favorite products”, which they can easily access through their personal profile anytime they visit the site. The robust “favorite products” tool also allows customers to group sets of favorite products into separate configuration lists, which can be useful when a customer is working on multiple projects. Another “My CCI” tool allows a customer to “opt-in” for CCI’s e-mail announcements and Twitter feed, enabling them to keep up to date on all of the latest developments from CCI.

The new CCI website automatically updates as new products are launched or existing products are revised so users can always access the latest technical information, view product images, technical datasheets and download up to date antenna firmware and configuration files. The site covers the full CCI portfolio, with all products, solutions and services. Additionally the website’s Newsroom section features the latest announcements, product releases as well as white papers from our expert team of engineers and scientists.

CCI customers can now benefit from a new website with improved content that is easier to navigate and share with others. Our goal is to continue to provide customers with a rich online experience simplifying the identification of innovative products, solutions and services that our customers have grown to expect from CCI.

About CCI

CCI is a leading provider of innovative, cost effective, revenue increasing RF solutions for cellular (mobile) infrastructure, providing network equipment for 2G, 3G and LTE co-location, coverage enhancement, capacity improvement, interference reduction, spectrum re-farming and new technology introduction. With thousands of field proven solutions, CCI brings expertise to the demanding needs of today’s wireless operators, allowing operators to accelerate deployments whilst lowering costs and improving performance. Low cost, rapidly deployable, fit-for-purpose CCI product solutions bring increased revenues by maximizing the use of RF Spectrum and Power. Recent portfolio additions are patented antenna solutions and next-generation portable PIM analyzers. For more information, visit

PDF file of this material is also available: CCI launches new website

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