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CCI introduces two broadband antennas for Small Cell and DAS with LTE MIMO support and covering 698-2690 MHz
The HotSpot is a compact 30 inch (764 mm) panel antenna with a 30° beamwidth and the AccuBeam MIMO antenna at 12 inch (310 mm) provides a 65° beamwidth with an excellent 30 dB of front to back isolation. Both antennas offer support for LTE MIMO and cover 698-2690 MHz.

South Hackensack, NJ, (September 2015) - CCI broadens its line of antennas with two broadband antennas that are specifically designed for Small Cell and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) applications. The AccuBeam and the HotSpot support LTE Multiple-input Multiple-output (MIMO) and both antennas offer one pair of cross polarized broadband ports covering 698 to 2690 MHz. Additionally the AccuBeam can be configured with two pair of polarized ports, one low band pair covering 698 to 960 MHz and another high band pair covering 1695 to 2690 MHz.

The CCI HotSpot and AccuBeam antennas both employ a unique patented architecture that aids in reducing cell-to-cell interference in multi-sector deployments. The 65° beamwidth AccuBeam has an extremely high front to back isolation and the HotSpot antenna provides a constant 30° horizontal by 30° vertical pattern over the full operating frequency range which delivers the same coverage area across all frequency bands. These features allow both antennas to maximize capacity by limiting the spillover to adjacent sectors or the surrounding macro network, which enhances data transfer rates within LTE, UMTS and EVDO network sectors. The antennas are engineered to be used in buildings and at indoor sporting and entertainment venues, additionally the HotSpot is also suitable for outdoor DAS, Small Cell and dense urban macro deployments.

Both antennas are ideal candidates for DAS and Small Cell applications where the unique beam shaping technology minimizes interference between sectors thus increasing the carrier to interference plus noise (CINR) ratio and lowering soft handover losses in LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and CDMA/EVDO networks. The AccuBeam and the HotSpot are both housed in aesthetically pleasing enclosures suitable for indoor office environments, while the HotSpot can also be used in outdoor venues.

CCI antennas are designed and produced to ISO 9001:2008 certification standards for reliability and quality in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

More product details and complete specifications for CCI’s AccuBeam and HotSpot antennas can be found here on our website.

About CCI
CCI is a leading provider of innovative, cost effective, revenue increasing RF solutions for cellular (mobile) infrastructure, providing network equipment for 2G, 3G and LTE co-location, coverage enhancement, capacity improvement, interference reduction, spectrum re-farming and new technology introduction. With thousands of field proven solutions, CCI brings expertise to the demanding needs of today’s wireless operators, allowing operators to accelerate deployments whilst lowering costs and improving performance. Low cost, rapidly deployable, fit-for-purpose CCI product solutions bring increased revenues by maximizing the use of RF Spectrum and Power. Recent portfolio additions are patented antenna solutions and next-generation portable PIM analyzers. For more information, visit

PDF file of this material is also available: CCI introduces two broadband antennas for Small Cell & DAS.