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Worthware Systems International unveils new low-cost, full-featured, Cloud-Based ERP platform designed specifically for cellular phone stores, at CTIA Super Mobility 2015.

MONTREAL, September 9, 2015  - Worthware Systems International, a leading Canadian-based provider of on-premise ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for retailers of cellular phones since 1991, will unveil the next generation of its Retail ERP platform, a feature-rich, inexpensive SaaS (Software as a Service) version called CellSell® Cloud, in booth #657 at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 in Las Vegas, from September 9-11.

Available online only, CellSell® Cloud eliminates the need for on-premise servers and enables cell phone retailers to run their entire businesses better, on a single, low-cost, subscription-based organization-wide platform designed specifically for their industry.  CellSell® Cloud drives ROI (Return on Investment) from day one of implementation by integrating, consolidating and coordinating all of the resources, information and activities needed to allow cellular/wireless retailers to cost-effectively execute day-to-day, front-to-back-office business processes including, industry specific POS (Point of Sale), financial accounting and perpetual inventory management and to instantly combine their POS transactional data at its source with Store-Based P&L (Profit and Loss Statement) and create an unalterable financial audit trail.

To further enhance store operations, CellSell® Cloud provides users with the ability to eliminate double-keying of customer subscriber information from multiple carriers, which speeds up POS checkout capacity, improves in-store customer experience, and affords them a competitive market advantage.  Other modules, features and benefits include, support for electronic carrier contract signature capture and archiving, electronic carrier commission reconciliation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), stored value gift and loyalty card,  serialized and non-serialized inventory optimization, cellular phone loaner and repair management, employee commission management, HR (Human Resources), BI (Business Intelligence) reporting and real-time Android®, iOS® and Windows® mobile computing, all of which are seamlessly integrated without the need for any separate or stand-alone systems.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new CellSell® Cloud platform to cellular phone retailers in the United States at CTIA Super Mobility 2015.  It’s a well-timed event, because our market research has revealed that the majority of these businesses are still running stand-alone retail management systems in parallel, with mass market general purpose accounting applications which creates inherent operational inefficiencies and hidden expenses every day. Running a business through two separate systems generates more work for staff and incurs more costs for management than running it through one fully integrated system, and this is exactly the kind of operational challenge CellSell® Cloud was created to overcome.  Subscribers to CellSell® Cloud will enjoy the benefits of a budget-friendly, full featured, Cellular Retail ERP platform, designed to be quick and easy to implement and simple to use, with all of the key features and functionality they are looking for, including being able to experience the freedom of full access to their entire businesses on their mobile devices.” said Dino Gaspari, Director of Business Development for CellSell®.

For more information about the new CellSell® Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) Cellular Retail ERP Platform being exhibited in booth #657 at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 in Las Vegas, September 9-11 view press kit materials.

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About Worthware Systems International

Worthware Systems International is a privately held Canadian corporation specializing in the production of highly configurable, customizable integrated, POS (Point of Sale) and accounting systems designed specifically for retailers of cellular phones licensed under the CellSell® brand name.  CellSell® is a time-tested and proven Retail ERP platform designed to support all aspects of wireless store operations and utilizes patent-pending technology that cost effectively bridge the gap between disparate, cellular carrier, dealer and agent retailer systems and subscriber activation processes to increase POS checkout capacity, make existing employees more effective, improve the customer's in-store experience to build retailer competitive advantage, better bottom line performance and rapid ROI.  Originally introduced in Canada in 1991 as an on-premise ERP business application, today the full suite of CellSell® Retail ERP solutions includes both on-premise and Cloud-Based versions to meet the needs of wireless/cellular retailers of any size.

Dino Gaspari, Director of Business Development
(514) 343-4813