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Cellebrite Unveils Hybrid Data Transfer Solution to Enhance Wireless Customer Experience and Reduce Time and Effort at the Point of Sale
Flexible combination of app and in-store content transfer joins on-device diagnostics to ensure that more customers “walk out working” and fewer “walk in not working”

Las Vegas, NV, September 9, 2015 – Today, Cellebrite, the leading developer and provider of mobile customer experience management solutions, introduced a new capability that allows content transfer to begin in-store using the Cellebrite DeskTop, Cellebrite Touch, or Cellebrite iPad/tablet platforms and continue in the customer’s preferred location using the Cellebrite P2P Transfer solution delivered via an on-device app.  This new ”hybrid” service delivery model minimizes time and effort at the point of sale by transferring only the content from an old phone needed for a customer to obtain immediate productivity on a new device, while shifting the more time-intensive task of moving large volumes of multimedia data to a self-service channel.

By freeing up valuable sales resources, the Cellebrite hybrid transfer solution enables operators and retailers to accelerate revenue by increasing transaction volume and allowing sales representatives to reallocate a portion of the time spent facilitating content transfer to selling customers additional products and services—enhancing customer relationships and ARPU at the same time. 

When deploying Cellebrite’s Self-Care Diagnostics solution in conjunction with the Cellebrite P2P transfer solution on the customer’s phone during the initial sales transaction, mobile operators and retailers can ensure continued satisfaction by giving customers the ability to detect and resolve problems themselves. Enabling self-service diagnostics obviates the need to contact customer care or return to retail locations when phone problems occur.

An industry first, Cellebrite’s hybrid data transfer offers mobile operators and retailers unprecedented flexibility in controlling the service delivery mix needed to meet a customer’s needs while managing wait times in the store.  The increasing size of mobile device storage capacities can make transferring all of a phone’s content at the point of sale impractical.  Customers, however, still want to walk out working.  Cellebrite’s solution allows store representatives to quickly transfer critical content like contacts and email accounts through the connections of a Cellebrite DeskTop, Cellebrite Touch or Cellebrite iPad/table platform, while the balance of the phone’s content – often photos and videos that consume gigabytes of storage – are moved to the new device through a secure, branded mobile app in the customer’s car, office or home.  A wide range of content category selections, file size thresholds and transfer duration estimates allow retail associates to choose what and how much content to transfer depending on each customer’s needs and store traffic. Cellebrite’s hybrid solution supports universal content transfers for thousands of smartphones and feature phones.

Cellebrite’s hybrid transfer solution is the latest contribution to the company’s portfolio of next generation customer experience management solutions.  Mobile operators and retailers can build loyalty after the sale with Cellebrite’s multichannel Diagnostics to detect and correct the problems customers complain about most. Cellebrite’s advanced diagnostic capabilities include unique capabilities such as patent-pending battery tests that pinpoint the true cause of battery drain, application performance testing, and real-time integration with industry leader, Webroot, to identify and remove dangerous mobile malware.  Addressing these issues with lab quality results in the self-service channel minimizes customer frustration that can lead to churn while unburdening store and call center resources.  Tight integration of channels and applications, all powered by a singular data engine and reporting system ensure consistent, high-quality service for all customers at every step of their mobile journey.

“As smartphone storage capacities grow and the number of software-related phone problems rise, providing superior service without compromising sales or increasing cost can be challenging,” said Amir Lehr, EVP, Products & Business Development Mobile Lifecycle at Cellebrite. “The combination of Cellebrite’s in-store and on-device solutions helps mobile retailers and operators deliver consistent, branded, high-quality purchase, content transfer and repair experiences for all their customers, no matter their location.”

About Cellebrite

Cellebrite is a world leader in providing Operators, Retailers and Aftermarket Service (AMS) Providers, with advanced mobile lifecycle solutions to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, improve satisfaction, and reduce cost.  With delivery channels in-store, on-device, and over the web, mobile retailers can take advantage of Cellebrite's full suite of mobile lifecycle solutions:  diagnostics, phone-to-phone content transfer, backup, restore and wipe, automated phone buyback, and application and content delivery. In addition, Cellebrite offers retailers monitoring, statistics and analysis of all activities. Cellebrite’s global leadership is demonstrated through its deployment of over 150,000 units at more than 200 mobile operators and retailers globally, representing well over 100,000 stores handling hundreds of millions of transactions per year.

Founded in 1999, Cellebrite is a subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese company (6736/JQ).

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