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MultiTech’s Demonstrations and Presentations Highlight IoT Security, Management and Revolutionary Solutions Expanding the Connected World at CTIA 2016
- Leading IT Executives Speak-Out to Address Protecting, Deploying and Managing IoT Across the Enterprise
- Demonstrations Highlight Real World Implementations of MultiTech’s Leading M2M and IoT Solutions

WHEN:  Sept. 7-9, 2016

WHERE: Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV

WHAT: CTIA, Super Mobility 2016


Live demonstrations of MultiTech’s newest IoT technologies at CTIA will model real-life scenarios across a wide range of industries.

MultiTech Exhibit: 5137, M2M Zone

US Golf Association The USGA’s membership consists of more than 14,000 golf courses across the country – and as anyone who has played on them knows, pace of play is among their most pressing concerns. To measure pace of play and relay information back to the clubhouse, the USGA has integrated MultiTech’s MultiConnect® mDot™ into flag sticks (which communicate to a MultiConnect® Conduit™ gateway using LoRa technology) every time they are moved. In this unique demonstration, users will experience the solution first hand by teeing up at MultiTech’s mini golf course.

WaterBit WaterBit provides the agriculture industry with highly granular, real-time and low cost sensing systems to improve crop quality and yield by optimizing resource use. It works in any soil type – including amended soils and potting soils. In addition to a moisture sensor, they also implement above-ground sensing systems to provide a comprehensive view of the farm. In order to access valuable data from numerous endpoints throughout its dense field site, without dependence on spotty, unpredictable cellular coverage, WaterBit is leveraging MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduit gateway leveraging LoRa® technology, to speak to MultiConnect® mDots and WaterBit’s sensors.

  • The MultiConnect Conduit is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway.
  • MultiConnect mDots are inexpensive radios using the new Semtech LoRa®, low power, wide area RF modulation.

RTC  RTC makes the blinking lights that mark school safety zones during drop off and pick up throughout the school year. School systems have identified the need for a remote program to re-set the blinkers in the event of schedule changes. To change blinker settings remotely, RTC integrated a MultiTech MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series modem into each of their solar-powered light posts. Through sinking a putt, at the MultiTech booth, users will realize the power of the connection first hand and trigger the light to blink.

  • The MultiConnect Cell 100 Series cellular modems, fully certified and carrier approved, deliver fast, secure data for remote operations, and integrate easily to extend the life of legacy equipment. Several chassis options are available to meet a variety of application needs and environmental demands.

Sportzcast  Professionals who frequently travel to attend shows like CTIA might have to miss some of their own children’s athletic events. Utilizing MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Dragonfly™ cellular system on module the Sportzcast’s device extracts score information from score boards in school gymnasiums and athletic fields across the U.S. and delivers them, in real-time to a convenient mobile app. In this demonstration, users will download daily scores from MultiTech’s three day putt-putt tournament and connect to other games in the Las Vegas area.

  • MultiConnect Dragonfly is the first ARM mbed Programmable Cellular System-on-Module. It is a ready-to-integrate processing and communications device that offers an ARM® mbed™ compatible software library for faster development. This all-in-one compact design allows developers to host their application onboard and have access to a full suite of interfaces for connecting sensors or other remote assets.

Other products on display from Caeden and HouseSetter will highlight new innovations from Connected Development, a MultiTech company and a team of well-known and respected experts from the wireless industry dedicated to helping organizations get IoT or M2M products to market. 

The Caeden demonstration will feature Sona, a connected bracelet developed by Connected Development that delivers wellness data to the Caeden App to keep wellness in balance by tracking physical activity and training for resilience to stress.

The HouseSetter demonstration will feature Sherlock, a trustworthy, faithful companion for the unoccupied home. Designed by Connected Development, Sherlock integrates connectivity with a camera and suite of sensors to alert homeowners when something is amiss while they’re away, whether it’s an HVAC failure, a leak or an intruder.

M2M Zone Lounge, Exhibit: 5499

The Dynamic Digital Signage Demo will feature the LTE version of MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduit gateway and MultiConnect® mDot for use in its BluBoard and SmartPathing System. With a LTE connection and a certified MultiTech Conduit paired with LoRa mDot implementation, LorkTech's BluBoard and SmartPathing systems can now operate with one gateway for multiple locations without the equivalent need of hundreds of standard WiFi devices or an extensive and trained IT staff to manage and operate them.

Verizon Exhibit: 2622

AG Demo

MultiTech devices can be found on farms around the world, improving both yield and efficiency by monitoring soil moisture and nutrient content; animal activity and location; water usage; equipment health and measuring temperature, humidity and air quality. The AG Demo highlights IoT in agriculture, featuring MultiTech’s MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series.

The MultiConnect rCell cellular routers are a part of Multi-Tech’s comprehensive line of routers for M2M communications.


Speaker: Daniel Quant, VP of Product Management and Strategic Marketing, MultiTech

Date:  9/8/2016

Time: 10:40 am - 11:50 am

Location: M2M Zone Conference

Subject:  End to End Security - Is it the Holy Grail of IoT/M2M?

Moderator: Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder and CEO, Beecham Research

Summary: Applications developers are struggling to stay one step ahead of the hackers, with big consequences for the future of the IoT/M2M sector. How safe are IoT deployments, and what is being done to make them safer? This session will cover trusted environments, encryption technology, and compliance regimes for making IoT applications as safe as possible from edge to cloud.

Speaker: Michael Finegan, Director of IoT Business Development, MultiTech

Date:  9/8/2016

Time: 11:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Sands Expo and Convention Center − Murano 3301


Summary: 151 Advisors is pleased to present APP-SOLUTELY IoT, a highly interactive, fast-paced learning and networking event for CIOs, IT leaders, application developers, solution providers, device makers, end users, mobile operators, and corporate decision makers to discover how they can take advantage of IoT in their organizations and for their customers.  In this half-day session, attendees will learn how to successfully build, deploy and manage secure enterprise and consumer IoT platforms and applications. They will receive actionable intelligence from IoT experts to build their enterprise-wide and consumer focused go-to-market strategy, develop mobile applications, deploy IOT technology and manage their enterprise’s ecosystem and consumer’s needs.


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