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SureFire designs and manufactures the most innovative, best-performing illumination tools for outdoor use, emergency preparedness, and everyday carry. Our handheld flashlights and hands-free Headlamps and Wristlights are the best in the business, and we continue to raise the bar with unique product offerings like our rechargeable Sidekick(TM) keychain light and our one-of-a-kind FirePak(TM) illuminator, which not only serves as a high-output illumination source for shooting vivid cell phone video in low light, it's also capable of recharging a cell phone up to 1.5 times. All of our best-in-class products incorporate cutting-edge technology, advanced engineering, and are built to the highest standards in the USA, using only the finest-quality components and materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing to achieve legendary SureFire quality. Whether for hardcore outdoor use, everyday carry, capturing life's moments, or strictly for emergencies, count on SureFire products to perform reliably and flawlessly whenever you need them.

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News Releases
Sep 6, 2016

Fountain Valley, CA — SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s most innovative illumination tools, is officially launching its exciting new FirePak. FirePak is the world’s finest...

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